FreeSpace is a networked room occupancy platform that delivers real-time data to users and actionable usage metrics to administrators.

  • Easy installation of wireless occupancy sensors into any room
  • Use our app to eliminate time-wasting searches for open project rooms
  • View a dashboard of critical usage metrics about your spaces
  • Easy integration with any existing room reservation system or API
  • Get notified or auto-cancel a reservation when a room sits unoccupied for too long

FreeSpace in Action

Our product is currently in alpha. Contact us for more information, or to hear how your company can try out FreeSpace for free.

Find a space fast

Our mobile application lets students and faculty easily see room status, usage, and reservations all from their phone.

Wall mounted displays

Booking a room has never been easier. View and book reservations from the display. Room occupied? Easily locate nearby open spaces.

Make your spaces more efficient

Space is one of your most valuable assets. Use hard data to optimize room usage and inform future development.

Lightweight sensor

Set and forget a FreeSpace sensor in each room to bring it online. Our drop-in sensors are cheap, low visibility, durable and connect to your wireless network easily.

Contact Us

We are a team of three out of Duke University. Contact us for more information.